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Tejo Remy's Rag Chair is one of the best-known Dutch furniture designs ever made. The design comes from 1991. The Rag Chair is literally made from old rags. As a result, each chair looks different. Metal pull-ties hold the fabric together. At the bottom of the chair is another sheet of plywood to make it stand upright. So the principle of the Rag Chair is super simple, and that's what makes this chair so very Dutch. Environmentally conscious, cradle-to-cradle, thinking by recycling materials and using materials that would normally be used for something else have become hallmarks of Dutch design since the early 1990s. The Rag Chair made an important contribution to this. It was part of a series of furniture that would put Dutch design on the map and was sold and promoted by Droog design.
Reused materials have usually served a previous purpose. So too the garments from which the Rag chair is made. Tejo Remy therefore sees the Rag chair not as a collection of old clothes, but as a collection of memories. The Rag Chair is in the collection of several museums, but it is also still for sale.

This chair is layered from the contents of 15 bags of rags. It arrives ready made and the buyer has the option to recycle its own discarded clothes to be included in the design. Each piece is unique; a treasure-chest of memories.

This unique chair has the iconic Marcel Wanders Golden Nose fabric on top and is over 20 years old chair (used condition).

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Unique chair with Marcel Wanders Golden Nose fabric
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